Peaceful Point Campground
Rules & Regulations
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• Seasonal rate of $1200 is only valid for campers who pay for the entire season by
May 1st. Campers who do not pay by May 1st will be transferred to the seasonal site fee schedule.

2017 Seasonal Site Fees:
May 1 – 31 $400
June 1 – 30 $400
July 1 – 31 $400
August 1 – 31 $400
September 1 – 30 $400
October 1 – 15 $300

Total Seasonal Fees $2300
(payable by 4th of each month)
Seasonal fees will revert to a monthly fee if not paid in full by May 1st. This will be in effect for the entire season. The fees are from the 1st to the last of the month. Fees will not be pro-rated.

Monthly campers who do not make payment arrangements by the 4th of the month will have their camper disconnected from the electric and the camper will be removed from the site.

• Storage for boats, pull behind trailers, and or recreational vehicles during winter
October 16th – April 30th is $100 per item. Storage during camping season
May 1st – October 15th is an additional $100. Peaceful Point Campground assumes
no responsibility for any damage that may occur.

• Seasonal camper will be charged an additional $50 per month if they are utilizing
any additional appliances not included in their self-contained unit. All outside
refrigerators/freezers must be in an enclosed shed.

• After park inspection, any unsightly trailers or properties (verbal or written notice)
must be remedied for compliance with management’s approval within 14 days.

• Renting or subleasing your RV is not allowed.

• All vehicles must fit within your site or must be parked in area designated by management.
No walking, driving or parking on someone else’s site.

• Quiet time is to be observed from 11:00 pm to 8:00 am.

• The owners and management assume no responsibility for loss of fire, theft, or accident
while in our park. Use of any and all facilities is at your own risk.

• Placement of sheds must be approved by management.

• Campground speed is 5 MPH.

• Use of motorized, including battery operated, golf carts, minibikes, scooters, ATV’s, etc.
is strictly prohibited.

• No person shall deface or remove campground signs, structures, or equipment.

• Possession or use of fireworks or firearms is prohibited on campground property.

• NY State Law prohibits alcohol possession or consumption by anyone under the age of 21.

• This is a family campground; language and behavior should be conducted as such.

• Do not place nails in campground trees.

• Vehicular maintenance (oil changes, etc) is not permitted on campground property.

• Any play pools must be less than 2 feet deep and supervised by an adult at all times.
Empty pool when campsite is unoccupied for more than 2 days.

• Check with management before you dig or drive any stakes in the ground.

• Parents and guardians are responsible for the actions of their children.

• Any child under the age of 9 must be supervised by an adult at all times.

• Children of any age are not permitted to use their family campsite when the
lessee is not present.

• Parent & guardian should ensure children follow safety rules when riding bikes.
Helmets should be worn along with any applicable safety gear.

• Dogs must be on a leash at all times.

• Do not leave dogs unattended.

• You must clean up after your pet.

• Dogs should have all proper vaccinations and a copy should be provided to the office.

• All fires must be built within a fire ring.

• Do not dump any garbage into the fire ring.

• Do not cut any trees within the campground but feel free to use any wood that
is on the ground.

• Do not leave fires unattended and avoid large fires that are more than 2 feet high.

Dumpsters & Recyclables:
• Garbage and recyclables must be disposed of properly.

• No plastic bags in the recycle bins.

• Ashes are not to be put in the dumpster.

• Place cooled ashes in a plastic bag in front of dumpster.

Management reserves the right to evict, without prior notice, anyone who fails to obey posted signs, these rules or who, in our opinion, is creating a disturbance or being a nuisance. NO REFUNDS.