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Mexico, New York 13114
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Early Bird Seasonal Rate
May 1 through October 15
Save – Pay for the entire season
(Seasonal rate must be paid in full by May 1st; otherwise you will be charged the monthly site fees for the season)


You may leave your camper at your site over the winter, providing that you have paid your non-refundable $200 deposit; however, Peaceful Point Campground is not responsible for any damage that may occur to your camper because of the winter weather.
A non-refundable deposit of $200 is due by September 15th to reserve your site for the next season.
Balance to be paid by May 1st or you will forfeit the seasonal savings rate and must pay the monthly fees.
Storage for boats, pull behind trailers, and/or recreational vehicles during winter (October 16th- April 30th) is $100 per item. Storage during open season (May 1st – October 15th) is an additional $100. Peaceful Point Campground assumes no responsibility for any damage that may occur.


Rules & FAQ

In an effort to provide our campers with a safe and enjoyable stay at Peaceful Point Campground, we have instituted these rules. They are not meant to be restrictive but will ensure that everyone has a safe and “peaceful” camping season. If you have any questions, check with Management.

We have public drinking water.
Only one family is allowed per campsite. A family is defined as 2 adults and their unmarried children, who are still living at home. There may be circumstances that do not fit this definition and Management will work with anyone on an individual basis.
Renting or subleasing your RV is not allowed.
Maximum of 2 vehicles per site. All vehicles must fit within your site or must be parked in area designated by management. Parking on empty lots or neighbor’s lot is not allowed.
All outside refrigerators/freezers must be in an enclosed shed.
After park inspection, any unsightly trailers or properties (verbal or written notice)
must be remedied for compliance with management’s approval within 14 days.
Please be considerate of your neighbors and observe quiet hours from 11:00 pm to 8:00 am.
The owners and management assume no responsibility for loss of fire, theft, or accidents
while in our park. Use of any and all facilities is at your own risk.
Campground speed is 5 MPH.
Use of motorized, including battery operated, golf carts, minibikes, scooters, ATV’s, etc.
is strictly prohibited.
No person shall deface or remove campground signs, structures, or equipment.
Possession or use of fireworks or firearms is prohibited on campground property.
NY State Law prohibits alcohol possession or consumption by anyone under the age of 21.
This is a family campground; language and behavior should be conducted as such.
Do not place nails in campground trees.
Vehicular maintenance (oil changes, etc) is not permitted on campground property.
Any play pools must be less than 2 feet deep and supervised by an adult at all times.
Empty pool when campsite is unoccupied for more than 2 days.
Check with management before you dig or drive any stakes in the ground.
Parents and guardians are responsible for the actions of their children and their safety.
Children of any age are not permitted to use their family campsite when the Lessee is not present.

Grill Time

Your Campsite:
Site maintenance will be the responsibility of the seasonal site holder.
Please turn your water off when you leave for an extended period of time.
Patios and platforms must be made of weather resistant materials. Pallets or flake-board are not allowed. Management approval is required. All concrete patios are to be installed by Peaceful Point Campground. Unsightly or potentially dangerous structures will be designated for removal or repair. Please contact Management if you want to make any alterations on or to your site.
Storage sheds must be approved by Management.
Tents are allowed on site with Management permission.

Dogs must be on a leash at all times.
Do not leave dogs unattended.
You must clean up after your pet.
Dogs should have all proper vaccinations and a copy should be provided to the office.
Management reserves the right to remove any pet from the park at their discretion.

All fires must be built within a fire ring which is approved by Management.
Do not dump any garbage into the fire ring.
Do not cut any trees within the campground but feel free to use any wood that
is on the ground.
Do not leave fires unattended. No burning of pallets, etc. Avoid large fires due to insurance regulations.

Each site has its own electric meter.
Meters will be read 3 times during the season. Bills must be paid within 15 days of billing or your service will be terminated and you will not be able to use your camper.

Sale or Transfer:
No “For Sale” signs are allowed on site.
The sale or transfer of a trailer does not include the site unless lessee has prior permission from the Management. All transactions for the sale of the trailer on the site must be done at the office with Management present; otherwise, the trailer will not be allowed to stay in the park.
RV’s older than 15 years will not be allowed in or transferred from a seasonal site or to a new owner.
No site refunds will be given during a camping season.
Seasonal campers not returning the following year must have trailer, all additions, and personal property removed from the premises by October 16. If not, and management has to remove and clean site, Lessee will be responsible for all expenses incurred.
If your trailer remains on the site after October 16, Peaceful Point Campground assumes the site is occupied and full payment of seasonal rent is due.
If you are returning for the season a $200 non-refundable deposit to hold your site is required by September 15th.
Management has the right to remove your trailer from the site and charge a daily storage fee. The Lessee will be responsible for all expenses incurred.
Management reserves the right to evict, without prior notice, anyone who fails to obey posted signs, these rules or who, in our opinion, is creating a disturbance or being a nuisance. NO REFUNDS.
As time passes rules are subject to be added, deleted, and modified. Please check with Management throughout the season for the most updated copy. Thank you for choosing us for your camping experience.

Any correspondence, please mail to: Cindy Mears, 7090 County Rte 17, Lacona, NY 13083

Email: cindytughill@gmail.com